Want To Be A Foster Parent?

Here are some things that make it more likely a child will be abused or neglected. For each, think about why it makes abuse and neglect more likely.

For example, a child’s being under three-years-old makes abuse more likely.

Why would a baby be more likely to be abused than a twelve-year-old?

Another example may help. Child abuse is more likely in families where an adult abuses alcohol or drugs.

Why are children in homes where someone abuses alcohol or drugs more likely to be abused?

Here are some conditions that increase the likelihood of abuse or neglect. What’s your take on why these children have a higher risk of abuse and neglect?

• Child is under three-years-old.

• Child is hard to love.

• Child was abused before.

• Parent was abused as a child.

• Signs of abuse you can see such as bruises, burns, scars, broken bones, or broken teeth.

• Alcohol or drug abuse in the family.

• Child is aggressive or destructive.

• Child does not care if someone gets hurt or gets upset.

• Child is very cautious and uneasy around adults.

• Child gets almost no attention from parents.

• Parents are not consistent about what they expect from the child.

• Child is very withdrawn or quite passive around people.

• Child has a handicap or disability.

• Child is very hard to manage.

• There is a lot of family stress.

• People in the home are violent or hurting each other.

• Family is cut off from other people and does not have a support system or people who will help.